The Canadian Ski & Snowboard Guide

Use the links at the top of each page or click on the map below to find listings of ski resorts from across Canada with their positions accurately displayed on a detailed satellite or highway road map - you can even zoom the satellite map in so close that you can see the runs. In addition, you’ll find current news on the Canadian ski scene, stats for the hills and links to accommodations at resorts across Canada.

map of canada

This guide can be used for trip planning, comparing the statistics between resorts or just to check out the cool satellite images. There are many options for downhill skiing in Canada...from family-oriented mountains to extreme cat skiing and heli skiing operations. You’ll also be able to find links to sites offering great deals on accommodations, as well as links to other interesting skiing websites.

You can also leave comments on the various ski areas found here. So if you want to share an experience (good or bad), go ahead and click the Comment button. (All comments are reviewed for good taste before posting).

If you’re planning a ski vacation in Canada or simply want some ideas on where to go for the best snow, send the details to and I’ll try to provide you with ideas or information.