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Skiing in Canada (SIC) has always been ahead of the technology curve, and has been online in many different iterations since 1996. In the early days of the internet, websites for ski resorts did not yet exist and SIC actually built different resort content within our site. We even updated daily snow conditions for major western resorts throughout the winter months and wrote regular articles based on real life ski experiences. As the world wide web grew and ski operations slowly developed their own sites, we continued to innovate SIC with Google maps that pinpointed ski resorts across the country and resort news.

Our latest design includes blog posts for ski related inspiration, resort industry news, gear innovations & reviews and other assorted content like Canadian Ski Team World Cup news, results and more. We have also re-vamped the maps section of the site to help visitors plan ski vacation destinations and have added a social media component that includes regular ski news updates on Twitter and Facebook.


Powderpig is the SIC Editor and has been Skiing in Canada since the age of ten. As a ski instructor and passionate mountain enthusiast, he spent many years as a sponsored skier, prowling the slopes of Powder King and Sun Peaks Resort in British Columbia. He and his wife raised three kids to become skiers and is a long time audio producer and voiceover talent for radio & television.

Backcountry Bob

Backcountry Bob is the SIC webmaster and founder. He is a veteran recreational skier who raised two kids to become snowboarders and is a computer geek who has held positions in the technology sector for decades. After many years as a systems analyst he has recently focused on computer programming and developing mobile apps.